FARO® Optor Clinic

Most accurate 3D Dental Impression Scanner

FARO<sup>®</sup> Optor<sup>™</sup> Clinic

FARO® Optor Clinic Applications

Optor Clinic is the structured light 3D scanner developed to highly-automated acquire patients’ impressions and send the digital file to all desired partners in just a few steps.


Fixed Prosthesis
Reduce the work flow process of fixed cemented prosthesis projects to deliver accurate restorations to customers.

Successfully face even the most challenging requests in implantology, by scanning, designing and producing accurate prosthetic solutions.

Digitally show patients the expected results and track historical progress. Simply store 3D models of patients.

Removable Prosthesis
Cutting-edge technology to ease the prosthetic scanning and designing, and render the whole process yet more profitable and aesthetic.


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