FARO® Optor Clinic

Most accurate 3D Dental Impression Scanner

FARO<sup>®</sup> Optor<sup>™</sup> Clinic

FARO® Optor Clinic Features

Optor Clinic is the structured light 3D scanner developed to highly-automated acquire patients’ impressions and send the digital file to all desired partners in just a few steps.


High-Accuracy Data
Optor Clinic’s 10µm accuracy ensures a high precision on impressions to achieve high-quality results for any kind of restoration.

Three-Axis Movements
The three-axis scanning mechanism and the wide scanning chamber allow Optor Clinic to acquire data of individual tray impressions and triple trays that get automatically flipped to be scanned on both sides.

Light Regulation
Optor Clinic automatically detects and adjusts scanning light configuration to support any object color. This means that impressions in difficult shiny materials can be acquired as easily as matt surfaces.

Scanning Wizard
The fully automated software provides a unique scanning experience by guiding users through a pre-defined workflow. 


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