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FARO<sup>®</sup> Optor<sup>™</sup> Clinic

FARO® Optor Clinic Software

Optor Clinic comes with its integrated software OptorC. This solution enhances the full capability of FARO hardware and advanced software features for best-in-class results. OptorC is the scanning software specialized in impressions acquisition in a few easy steps and allows dental professionals to enter the digital workflow without the need of any extensive training. OptorC‘s doctors and partners database allows users to create different profiles and automatically send the files to a selected 3rd party. Optor Clinic hardware and OptorC software can be bundled with Exocad DentalCAD.



Clinic Solution

  • Individual Impression: Scan, edit and automatically send files of individual impression trays.
  • Triple Tray Impression: Scan on both sides triple tray impressions, edit them and automatically send the related files – one for upper, one for lower.
  • Full-Mouth: Scan on the specific holder the upper, lower and occlusion reference impressions of a single patient in just one time, edit the images and automatically send three separate files for design.


Exocad DentalCAD software is an extremely reliable and robust design platform. For each dental project, Exocad provides a very easy-to-follow, but at the same time extremely flexible wizard that will guide the dental professional through the various stages of digital design. Exocad add-on modules expand the features of the standard version allowing every dental professional to choose just what they need for their business.


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