FARO® Optor Lab

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FARO<sup>®</sup> Optor<sup>™</sup> Lab

FARO® Optor Lab Features

Incredibly fast and versatile, Optor Lab allows scanning any type of dental objects thanks to its wide and accessible scanning chamber. Optor Lab optimises the daily work and it adapts to any necessities.


Guaranteed High Accuracy
The Lab Solution with certified Reference Ring achieves a guaranteed accuracy of 5µm. The automated self-calibration of the scanner ensures the high precision over time and allows users to design best-in-class implants with absolute confidence of the outcome. 

Rapid Scanning Speed
The user can enhance the productivity with a scanning speed up to 15 seconds for a single arch. Advanced algorithms reduce time for post processing and ensures rapid file generation. 

Wizard and Free Scanning Procedures
The expert mode with its advanced tools and features supports advanced users to achieve even better and more customized results. Available wizards in the baseline model offer the simplest way of scanning even for users with little training. 

Automatic Alignments
Any scanned item is automatically aligned based on the given reference, to enhance accuracy and reduce operator connected errors. 

Modular System
Modular options allows users to invest in their current needs first and provides the flexibility to scale according to the growing business needs. A simple upgrade in according with necessities and requests allows the customer to progressively grow the business and covering more and more dental applications over time. 


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