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FARO<sup>®</sup> Optor<sup>™</sup> Lab

FARO® Optor Lab Software

Optor Lab comes with an integrated software solution: OptorL. It enhances the full capability of FARO hardware and advanced software features for best-in-class results. The short instructions and the easy-to-understand icons of the scanning interface make the working experience straight-forward and immediate for both, beginners and experts. Optor Lab hardware and OptorL software can be bundled with Exocad DentalCAD.



Lab Solution

  • In order to easily enter the modern digital dental process, Lab solution offers the possibility to start with basic and daily projects like Prosthesis, Orthodontics, Removable Frameworks, or Impressions.
  • Fast-Scanning: Scan faster (up to 15 s for a single arch) and save even more time, enhance the acquisition speed of the cameras.
  • High-Accuracy Scanning: The Reference Ring allows that scans are more precise and the system is self-calibrated.
  • Advanced Features: Choose between the Free or the Expert Mode. The optional module provides more details thanks to the colors and allows to obtain a more complete point cloud thanks to the Single Camera Acquisition Option. Choose to save even more time using the Concept Quad module or to be more precise thanks to Dynamic Articulator module, perfectly integrated in Exocad.


Exocad DentalCAD software is an extremely reliable and robust design platform, even when dealing with complex cases on a daily basis. For each dental project, exocad provides a very easy-to-follow, but at the same time extremely flexible wizard that will guide the dental professional through the various stages of digital design. Beginners can feel confident following the provided structures and experts are offered short-cuts to speed up the design and further enhance their productivity. Exocad add-on modules expand the features of the standard version allowing every dental professional to choose just what they need for their business.


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