FARO® Laser Projector

FARO TracerM: 3D Laser Projection System for Efficient, Accurate, Laser-Guided Assembly and Production


FARO® Laser Projector Software

BuildIT Projector

BuildIT Projector is a modern and intuitive software solution used to generate and plan TracerM Laser Projector workflows. With user-friendliness as one of its core strengths, BuildIT Projector allows TracerM users to set up laser projection projects in no time. BuildIT Projector flawlessly imports native CAD from all major formats (CATIA, Siemens NX, SolidWorks™, PTC Creo, AutoCAD® DXF/DWG, etc.). Its capabilities cover the creation of the projections as well as the configuration of the TracerM and its alignment features.

RayTracer™ Operator

RayTracer™ Operator is an intuitive and user-friendly program that enables the projection of 3D templates. It is designed for use in manufacturing environments. Specified user access levels as well as predetermined sequences of operating steps help impose strict production rules on the work process. Projection data and control parameters are stored in a RayTracer™Database. Personnel running RayTracer™ Operator can retrieve and execute pre-configured jobs from a RayTracer™ database, but cannot change the content.


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