FARO Forensic ScanArm Solution

High-Resolution, Non-Contact 3D Scanning for Forensic Anthropology and Crime Labs.

FARO Forensic ScanArm Solution

FARO Forensic ScanArm Solution Software

The FARO® Forensic ScanArm is packaged with your choice of 3D Systems’® Geomagic® software.  The available software options have capabilities that range from an automatic meshing software that delivers ready-to-use files without any post-processing, 3D printing, and facial reconstruction software.

Geomagic® Wrap

Geomagic® Wrap

Scan it, Mesh it, Surface it…in minutes

Geomagic Wrap delivers a powerful toolbox to transform 3D scan data and imported files into 3D models for immediate use downstream. Use the ScanArm to directly scan into Geomagic Wrap and then quickly and easily produce 3D mesh files of scanned data for analysis and printing.

Geomagic ®  Freeform®

Geomagic ® Freeform®

For forensic anthropology applications, Freeform allows users to perform facial reconstruction analysis using data from 3D cranial scans.


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