CAD-Based Inspection

Portable CMMs from FARO simplify the implementation of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) and provide efficient, easy-to-use solutions for CAD-based 3D inspections and nominal comparisons.

With their versatile contact and non-contact measuring capabilities, tools such as the FaroArm®, FARO ScanArm® and FARO Laser Tracker can utilize CAD overlays to check complex geometry against design or CAD comparison to evaluate deviations in surface form and ensure every part is machined to an exacting tolerance.

Production of Quality Valves — An Indispensable Part of the Ordinary Everyday

Valve: Tomoe Valve Co., Ltd.
Tomoe Valve now validates its developed components by comparing the contact measurement results obtained with the FaroArm against CAD data. Mr. Yoshii explained, “The software programming module allows us to conveniently measure the same positions in our parts each time. It’s like a flow production.” With the module, any team member can easily figure out where and what to measure, and obtain consistent measurement results.

FARO: Capturing 0.003-Inch Measurements with a Laser Scanner

Aviation: HIZEAERO Co. Ltd.
The Ti-Foil is an ultrathin titanium film with a thickness of just 0.003 inch (0.076 mm), and this posed a major challenge to the team at Hizeaero, both in terms of production and inspection. Capable of scanning at 560,000 points per second, the LLP captures even the most intricate components in fine detail.

Dran Engineers Secures Timely & Quality Deliveries with FARO

Plant Engineering: Dran Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Nagpure shared, “All fixtures are inspected by our FaroArm devices and results have been consistent. The best thing is that the entire measurement and inspection process now takes us just 5 hours! Years ago, it took us 10 hours to complete our quality checks, and it was much more tedious.”

Revolutionary New Business Model in the Manufacturing Industry Start-up Develops State-of-the-art EV Sports Car in Kyoto – Japan’s Ancient Capital

Automotive: GLM Co. Ltd.
In 2016, Hizeaero signed a supply contract with Boeing’s Typically, the parts of an EV easily fit on the car chassis – because an EV requires 10% less components compared to a gasoline-powered vehicle, and also because of advances in modularization. As a platform business, GLM develops EVs platforms and provides them to other companies. Since many of its clients still utilize existing products, GLM required those CAD data in its development phase.

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