Dimensional Analysis

Dimensional Analysis
Dimensional Analysis
Dimensional Analysis
Dimensional Analysis

Machined parts come in a diverse range of shapes and sizes, and flexible 3D metrology tools for part inspection and dimensional analysis are required to verify their accuracy and quality.

Many machine shops are now equipped with portable CMMs from FARO, such as measuring arms and laser trackers. These meet a variety of dimensional measurement needs, such as on-machine and in-line inspection and CAD comparison, to ensure proper tolerances are achieved.

Unitech Engineers Skyrockets its Way to Success with FARO

Aerospace: Unitech Engineers
The Gage stood out as the winning choice for Unitech because of its versatility. As the precision engineering firm made its first foray into the 3D measurement world, transiting from traditional hand tools like calipers, height gauges, and micrometers, it found that the Gage suited their needs perfectly. A robust device that can withstand the harsh working conditions of the shop floor, the Gage allows users to measure parts and assemblies easily, quickly, and accurately.

The Choice for High Cost Performance

Automotive: Yunjia Group Co., Ltd.
Before purchasing FaroArm, Yunding outsourced most of its daily measurement projects to contractors who were already using FaroArm. In consideration of the increase in demands and for cost-saving measurements, Yunding hence decided to purchase its own portable measurement equipment. FaroArm Measurement Arm eventually became Yunding’s ultimate choice, with its remarkable cost performance measurements, and its successful live demonstrations.

Turbine Manufacturer Enjoys Multi-Fold Improvement in Productivity

Energy: Swan Turbine Services Pvt Ltd
When FARO first reached out to suggest an on-site product demonstration, Swan Turbine was interested to find out more. “Once we saw the device in action, there was no doubt in my mind that it would improve our production processes tremendously,” said Mr. Srinivas Gummadi, General Manager of Swan Turbine.

Future-building Through Reliable Quality Management

Machine Shop: A.E.S. Advanced Engineering Systems Co., Ltd.
A.E.S. acquired the FaroArm in 2010 to address its inspection needs. Given that the company’s main business activities are export-related, its profits are primarily dependent on the quality of its output. Any failure on its part to ensure perfection would mean scrapping of the products after export, which can result in losses in the range of millions of yuan.

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