Dimensional Analysis

Dimensional Analysis
Dimensional Analysis
Dimensional Analysis
Dimensional Analysis

Machined parts come in a diverse range of shapes and sizes, and flexible 3D metrology tools for part inspection and dimensional analysis are required to verify their accuracy and quality.

Many machine shops are now equipped with portable CMMs from FARO, such as measuring arms and laser trackers. These meet a variety of dimensional measurement needs, such as on-machine and in-line inspection and CAD comparison, to ensure proper tolerances are achieved.

Chong Ngai Achieves Higher Efficiency & Faster Inspection with FARO

Petroleum: Chong Ngai Engineering Pte Ltd
“Before any product leaves our facility, it would have gone through several checks, this includes first article inspection, in-process measurement, as well as final outgoing dimensional checks,” said Mr. Francis Fong, Director, Chong Ngai.

Subsea Structure Completes Inspection Checks in 30% Less Time with FARO Solutions

Petroleum: Subsea Structure Pte Ltd
For SUBSEA, its metrology needs include machine alignment and dimensional calculations for quality control, mainly for the components that are fabricated and machined in its facility. The team had all along relied on hand tools such as Inside (ID) and Outside (OD) micrometers for its inspection needs.

Development of Accuracy Evaluation System for Curved Shell Plates Using Laser Scanners

Ship Building: Sumitomo Heavy Industries Marine & Engineering Co.,Ltd
What gives a ship its shapely exteriors are the “curved shell plates” made from large, thick plates of steel, covering the entire ship from stern to bow with complex three-dimensional (3D) curves.Hundreds of shell plates are utilized in the structure of a ship, but only two of them are made to be similar, one used on each side of the ship body.

FaroArm Indispensable in the Development of Custom Parts

Automotive: Plot Inc
PLOT used to face various problems in producing custom parts. Hand tools such as vernier calipers and height gauges often could not enter the gaps between built-in motorbike parts. As a result, the entire motorbike had to be stripped down once, just so that the installation location could be measured.

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