Machine Calibration

Out of tolerance parts are often the result of a poorly calibrated machine. Quick checks of machine calibration using portable CMMs from FARO, allow operators to perform a full volumetric accuracy test with minimal setup time and quickly identify calibration errors. Part production is optimized and downtime reduced.

Industries such as automotive, aerospace, and shipbuilding, have adopted 3D portable metrology solutions, such as the FARO® Laser Tracker and FaroArm®, for recalibration of machines, machine tools and general fixed CMM calibration.

FARO Supports the Development of Automated Welding Assembly – Welding Specialist Benefits from Portable & Efficient Measurement Solutions

Mechanical Engineering: Sichuan BMT Welding
The quality of a vehicle hinges on the manufacturing accuracy of the BIW. It also has a direct impact on the performance of the vehicle, whether in terms of the vehicle’s safety, aesthetics, air tightness, or noise performance. For these reasons, it is important to improve the welding accuracy and quality of the automotive body through ensuring the accuracy of the welding assembly fixtures, and the optimization, reduction, and control of positioning errors.

Advanced Measurement Technologies Support Research of Precision Instruments

Aerospace: Harbin Institute of Technology
In 2007, in order to address the growing research and curriculum needs, the university decided to purchase a unit of FARO Laser Tracker and a unit of FaroArm for the center after careful evaluation. “We use the FARO Laser Tracker most frequently,” said Mr. Wang Jun, Laboratory Director, HIT Center for Precision Instruments. “It was professionally calibrated according to national standards by an agency in 2013, and it has maintained great precision, working well with no issue over the years.”

FARO Lends a Helping Hand to the Development and Production of Automotive Fixtures

Automotive: Shanghai Sinylon Auto Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Mr. Cao further elaborated, “In the automotive production process, the precision of the welding fixtures is of utmost importance, especially for the vehicle body. In order to maintain precision on welding fixtures and improve geometric accuracy of the resulting vehicle body component, inspection checks on the fixtures are imperative.

FARO Laser Tracker Vantage: Better Precision and Productivity in Tire Manufacturing

Machine Shop: MESNAC Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd.
“With more precise measurements, our product quality is ensured and we no longer have to worry about human error,” reiterated Mr. Han Qixiang, Manager of the Quality Control Department at MESNAC. “Most importantly, the FARO Vantage automatically generates measurement reports that are well received by the clients, allowing us to work with more confidence.”

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