Non-Contact Inspection

Non-Contact Inspection
Non-Contact Inspection
Non-Contact Inspection

Fragile, complex and free-form surfaces can be captured as a dense and detailed 3D point cloud by the FARO® ScanArm and Laser Scanner, allowing users to perform non-contact, 3D inspections with ease.

Non-contact 3D scanning from FARO can digitize features such as flush and gap that are difficult to inspect with contact methods. Laser scanning for 3D documentation can be a faster method of verifying many features and dimensions and it produces a more comprehensive and easier-to-read report. For as-built documentation it is simply the best show in town.

Scan Anything From Foods to Factories Explore the Possibilities with 3D Data Processing

Consumer Goods: Ueno Kigata Seisakusyo, Ltd.
The first one that comes to mind is inspection of the company’s output, which consists of the tools and processed models. Ueno Kigata Seisakusyo also relies on the FaroArm to generate inspection reports for their customers in order to demonstrate that the products are within tolerance.

Development of Accuracy Evaluation System for Curved Shell Plates Using Laser Scanners

Ship Building: Sumitomo Heavy Industries Marine & Engineering Co.,Ltd
What gives a ship its shapely exteriors are the “curved shell plates” made from large, thick plates of steel, covering the entire ship from stern to bow with complex three-dimensional (3D) curves.Hundreds of shell plates are utilized in the structure of a ship, but only two of them are made to be similar, one used on each side of the ship body.

R&D Quality Impacts Product Quality

Heavy Machinery: YANMAR Co., LTD.
The nature of projects at the Central Research Institute called for 3D measurement devices as part of its technical support service. Given the lack of a temperature-controlled facility for fixed-type 3D measurement systems and needed to measure on the shop floor, Yanmar decided to opt for a portable measurement device instead.

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