Virtual Simulation

Movie producers and video game designers can rapidly scan and import entire movie sets, characters and objects into various CGI platforms using 3D laser scanning technology from FARO®. This captures scenes considerably faster and in better detail than traditional techniques.

The FARO Laser Scanner is a 3D documentation solution offering point cloud data acquisition. Its 3D modeling capability allows producers to map out camera angles, special effects and storylines. Applying the techniques of computer-generated imagery (CGI) and virtual reality they can create never-before-seen effects within an incredibly short time.

Modern-day Sherlock Holmes — Where 3D Scanning Technology Meets Forensic Science

Public Safety: Southern Medical University
Established in 2005, the Center of Forensic Science at Southern Medical University in China is a state-approved, large-scale forensic science institution set up by the Guangdong Province Department of Justice. The center’s Research Institute of Forensic Science Technologies for Traffic Accidents has been using 3D scanning technology in the investigation of traffic accidents, and has established itself as the country’s leading authority through its continuous extensive exploration of the subject matter.

Five-fold Productivity in Field Surveys, New Possibilities in VR, & Opportunities Overseas – How the FARO Laser Scanner Changed Poporo Plant’s Business

Plant Engineering: Poporo Plant Co., Ltd
“With the introduction of the FARO Focus3D X 130, our team can now complete the field survey for a plant mechanical room – which is a job that used to take us more than a week with two people on the task – in just one day. This effectively translates to less than one-fifth the effort.”

Exploring Endless Possibilities with Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality: Beijing Computing Center
“Currently, we put our FARO Laser Scanner to good use rather frequently,” said Mr. Xiang Lei, an engineer from the Virtual Reality Division at BCC. He explained, “So far, we have used it to scan the Great Wall and the large dinosaur at the Natural History Museum. Other more typical applications include the development of a tour navigation guide for Dajue Temple Scenic Area, and the simulation of water hammer effect in thermal stations.”

FARO Laser Scanner Creates a Wealth of Opportunities for Event Company

Architecture & Construction: Shanghai Jinwei Event Management Co., Ltd
Now, with the China369hui portal, shortlisted MICE venues can be viewed in all their realistic 3D glory, along with accurate dimensional measurements. Event planners can evaluate and select the venue of choice in the comfort of their offices. This was the very vision that Chairman Xu had for Jinwei.

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