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Virtual Simulation
Virtual Simulation
Virtual Simulation

Movie producers and video game designers can rapidly scan and import entire movie sets, characters and objects into various CGI platforms using 3D laser scanning technology from FARO®. This captures scenes considerably faster and in better detail than traditional techniques.

The FARO Laser Scanner is a 3D documentation solution offering point cloud data acquisition. Its 3D modeling capability allows producers to map out camera angles, special effects and storylines. Applying the techniques of computer-generated imagery (CGI) and virtual reality they can create never-before-seen effects within an incredibly short time.

Accurate Matching of Computer-generated Imagery with Live-action Images

Motion Pictures: Picture Element Inc.
“We only started using the FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D in 2013, but as of May 2014, we have since used it for five films,” explained Mr. Tetsuo Ohya, President and Technical Producer of Picture Element, who has over 30 years of experience in the filmmaking industry. “It is now essential to our work in CG modeling, synthesizing live-action with other types of images, and incorporating CG imagery into computer-animated movies.”

Hibiya Acquires Accurate Measurements of Harsh Mechanical Rooms Safely and Quickly with FARO

Civil Engineering: Hibiya Engineering Limited
At the end of 2011, Hibiya Engineering invested in a FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D to facilitate the measurement of existing facilities. Mr. Higashi explained, “With this new device, it now takes us only an hour to measure existing facilities that are due for renovation. Measurement has also been greatly simplified!”

Challenging a World Record in Golf Putting

Scanning Service: FLOVEL CO., LTD. YAMAICHITECHNO Co., Ltd.
“It was our first time scanning a golf course, so we were at a loss as to where we should begin. We jumped straight into the task, seeing that we had no time to lose. Using 10 reference spheres, we scanned the entire golf green from six locations in two hours. The Focus3D performed exceptionally well to capture data clearly, even under direct sunlight.”

FARO Enhances Safety and Provides Efficiency for Research Institute

Construction/Civil Engineering: Beijing Urban Construction Exploration & Surveying Design Research Institute Co., Ltd
With the Focus3D, Beijing Urban managed to improve on both its productivity and accuracy. The team is also able to generate better reports for its customers, including tunnel cross-sections, histograms, and 3D model outputs as archive.

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