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Engineering Surveyor Enhances Service with FARO Laser Scanning Technology

Engineering Surveyor Enhances Service with FARO Laser Scanning Technology

Mounting the FARO FocusS 330 on a vehicle enables Theotech to scan from a higher vantage point, useful for surveys of expressways.

Physical infrastructure systems play a vital role in any country’s development. A strong transportation network — including roads, ports, and highways — facilitates and spurs economic growth by providing improved connectivity and boosting a nation’s productivity and efficiency. For businesses involved in building these systems, there is a certain sense of responsibility and pride in the work they undertake, as it contributes to a larger purpose that is beyond the self. One such company that exemplifies this is Theotech Projects Services, a leading land surveying company based in Haryana, India.

Established in 1995 by Mr. Pravin Kumar Sinha and Mr. Trilochan Mohanta, the company specializes in engineering surveys of public infrastructure. Mr. Pravin, Founder and Director at Theotech, shared, “We started out with a clear vision, which was to offer the best service in the market, for what we considered to be a challenging but fulfilling field. Through our involvement in various projects across the country, we hope to bring about a better tomorrow for our future generations.”

Ensuring Quality Control

The team of dedicated professionals at Theotech have worked with both public and private entities on projects of a diverse range over the last two decades. Typically, these involved terrestrial, topographical, and route alignment surveys of railways, highways, mining sites, gas pipelines, canals, and airports. Projects would last between a month to half a year in duration, and survey deliverables would depend on each client’s desired outcomes and budget. Often, Theotech would be responsible for maintaining quality control and setting objective parameters for construction teams to adhere to.

“In the initial years, our engineers used to rely on conventional methods such as theodolites,” explained Mr. Pravin. “We knew, however, that technology adoption was critical for us to stay ahead of the pack, so we very quickly moved on to using differential GPS, total stations, and mobile LiDAR technology. Even then, we still felt we needed a solution that could obtain data much more quickly, yet still provide high levels of accuracy.”

Developing New Capabilities

A progressive and innovative company, Theotech is on a constant lookout to better itself, and had begun looking into expanding its offerings about five years ago. The team decided then that it would venture into construction management and assist clients in generating Detailed Project Reports (DPR) — essentially pre-project studies to assess the feasibility of investments. This led the team on a hunt for an all-rounded measurement solution that would enable them to take on more projects of this nature.

The team at Theotech first came across FARO’s laser scanning technology in late 2017 during their research. The FARO® FocusS Laser Scanner is an ultra-portable device that captures accurate measurements of complex objects and buildings quickly and easily. Capable of obtaining 976,000 points per second at ±1mm accuracy, the FocusS provides a quick and easy way to collect detail-rich, precise point cloud data that effortlessly translates into objective reports on the accompanying FARO SCENE software.

Theotech employs the lightweight FARO Focus S 330 for all its road surveying projects.

Theotech employs the lightweight FARO FocusS 330 for all its road surveying projects.

Within a month of learning about the solution, Theotech decisively invested in a unit of the FARO FocusS 330 Laser Scanner. Mr. Pravin disclosed, “The FARO FocusS 330 was a godsend because it addressed all the pain points we were facing. With the DGPS and total stations, we did not have digital data that we could immediately manipulate, and the workflow was not as efficient. It was also challenging for the team to deliver quality results in a timely manner. That all changed when we harnessed the full capabilities of the FocusS 330!”

3D point cloud data of a greenfield road in the Maharashtra region, obtained using the FARO Focus S 330

3D point cloud data of a greenfield road in the Maharashtra region, obtained using the FARO FocusS 330

Of special mention is a recent project that Theotech undertook with the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) in Maharashtra. Using the FocusS 330, the team has helped scan over 270km worth of highways between Aurangabad and Paithan, Shendra and Verul, as well as Ahmednagar and Kashti. Concurrently, Theotech is also assisting the NHAI with surveys on the Lucknow-Kanpur Expressway in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat.

Comparing the results the team gathered in this project with previous ones, there have been marked improvements in several aspects. Mr. Pravin added, “We’re very impressed by the high level of precision and detail, and also how little time and effort is required to obtain the scans. I would say this is 300% better than conventional methods and the data quality is four times better than what we get with mobile LiDAR surveying. Ever since the switch, our customers have been extremely pleased with the data quality and our timely delivery.”

Looking Ahead

Even as Theotech enjoys success with its newfound laser scanning solution, the company’s spirit of excellence is evident in how it looks forward to better itself and deliver the best service to its clients. Mr. Pravin concluded, “Perhaps we will survey the moon someday soon!”


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