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Precision Toolmaker Expands In-House Capabilities with FARO’s 3D Measurement Solutions

Precision Toolmaker Expands In-House Capabilities with FARO’s 3D Measurement Solutions

The FaroArm allows users to inspect previously inaccessible areas and achieve reliable accuracy for production of high-quality fixtures.

As the ‘Make in India’ initiative makes headway with transforming the country into a manufacturing powerhouse, India’s tooling sector is well on the path to becoming a key player in the global market. Other than continual improvements in productivity and costs, ensuring the quality of products is another key factor for the sector to flourish on the world stage.

The quality of a finished part, its properties, and the speed and accuracy with which it can be produced, are highly dependent on the precision and characteristics of the tooling. Hence, to produce the best tooling systems, manufacturers must design and engineer them to the highest quality. One way of achieving this is to invest in staff training and tap on the latest technologies to gain an edge over the competition. TOOLCON Systems is deeply aware of this.

Headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, TOOLCON Systems is a leading manufacturer of high precision tooling. Since its inception in 2001, TOOLCON Systems has grown its business to include a wide variety of products across four vastly different verticals: dies, fixtures, special purpose machines, and material handling systems.

A Reliable & Efficient Solution

Over the years, TOOLCON Systems has garnered a solid reputation among clients for being a trustworthy partner. From the production of automobile chassis that are 1.2 metres long to frames for building fixtures that are 14 metres long, TOOLCON Systems has proven both its versatility in handling projects of varying requirements and its reliability to get the job done.

TOOLCON Systems, top tooling specialists

TOOLCON Systems, one of India’s top tooling specialists, offers a wide variety of products across various different verticals.

Beyond that, TOOLCON Systems is constantly on a lookout to improve its processes and grow its offerings — which eventually led to its venture into providing assembling and certification services. In addition, the expansion of its premises in 2006 made it feasible for the company to accept jobs of a larger scale. As a result, TOOLCON Systems had to search for a measurement solution that will allow them to take on such projects and deliver total solutions to its clients.

Mr. Ajay Mungade, Director, shared, “We have never rejected any of our customers’ requests or projects. Instead, we have worked hard to increase our in-house capabilities in order to meet their demands.”

TOOLCON Systems was first introduced to FARO’s 3D measurement technology by one of its customers. After much research, the company’s first purchase was the FaroArm 7-axis Platinum, which afforded the team the means for easy verification of product quality by performing 3D inspections, tool certifications, CAD comparison, dimensional analysis, and reverse engineering.

Armed with this new measurement solution, TOOLCON Systems enjoyed higher repeatability and consistency due to the FaroArm’s high precision (up to 0.020mm).

The convenience of using the FaroArm together with FARO’s user-friendly software also provided greater ease for report generation with 3D data points — making the process of product design, development, and testing a breeze.

“We are now able to reach areas that were previously inaccessible with other solutions due to the ergonomically-designed 7-axis FaroArm,” expressed Mr. Mungade. “What’s more, the portability of the FaroArm also removed the need for us to move objects to the machine for inspection. This has not only helped to improve our productivity levels, but also the quality of our products.”

Furthermore, after having experienced the accuracy and ease of use that the FaroArm provides, TOOLCON Systems went onto engage a local service provider at a later stage, to tap on their FARO Laser Tracker for jobs involving larger parts — allowing them to optimize their processes for large-scale metrology applications.

High Satisfaction All Around

TOOLCON System now owns four FaroArm units, including a recently purchased Quantum FaroArm, and uses them for up to ten hours daily. With enhanced efficiency and improved capabilities from FARO’s measurement solutions, TOOLCON Systems now looks towards expanding their business further beyond India’s shores.

Speaking on the company’s trust in FARO’s solutions, Mr. Mungade commented, “We have full confidence in FARO’s service, quality, and the integrity of its solutions. FARO’s solutions has allowed us to win the faith of our customers and boost customer satisfaction levels tremendously.”


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