Webinar: 3D Assembly Guidance, Inspection and Verification Boosting Productivity in Metal Fabrication and Assembly

Date: 03 Jul, 2019

Duration: 30 mins
Webinar: 3D Assembly Guidance, Inspection and Verification Boosting Productivity in Metal Fabrication and Assembly – Tackling Quality Challenges in a New Era of Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 and new production technologies result in shorter production cycle times, shorter product lifecycles and a growing complexity of product portfolios, bringing new quality challenges to the production floor. This makes manufacturing more complex and error prone, especially where assembly and inspection still requires a lot of manual work and classical methods such as templates and printed drawings are still common. At the same time, it also makes it harder to leverage benefits of training and learning curve effects.
However, Industry 4.0 does not only raise new quality challenges, but luckily can also help to answer them. Technical Assistance Systems, a main technology driver in Industry 4.0, provide platforms to guide workers and quality managers closely through their tasks.
This webinar provides insights on how technical assistance systems enable you to tackle Industry 4.0 quality challenges and presents FARO solutions that help you improve quality and increase productivity in assembly and quality assurance (QA).
In the webinar, we will highlight two practical examples – 3D Guided Assembly and Assembly Verification based on Laser Projection systems and Virtual Inspection based on Augmented Reality.
One of the basic premises is, that quality assurance needs to start with the assembly process itself – either by preventing costly errors right from the start (3D Guided Assembly) or by identifying errors as early in process as possible to minimize their costly impact (Assembly Verification, Virtual Inspection). In addition, these solutions help you to get rid of classical but error-prone, time- and cost-intensive methods such as tools, templates or printed drawings.

Who Should Attend:
Development, product, quality and manufacturing engineers as well as production managers that are involved in metal fabrication and assembly in and for various industries, such as automotive, heavy equipment and more.

Webinar Topics

• Technology Drivers in Industry 4.0
• Quality Challenges in a new era of Manufacturing
• Technical Assistance Systems
• 3D Guided Assembly and Assembly Verification, at the example of welding
• Virtual Inspection, at the example of mold tools
• Additional applications supporting Quality in Metal Fabrication and Assembly


• From Machine Shop to Mold Making
• Everyone related to the fabrication of metal parts and assemblies, frames and structures, tools, jigs and molds across a variety of industries such as heavy equipment, automotive, rail and more.


Jutta Mayer - Webinar SpeakerJutta Mayer is Product Marketing Manager at FARO Technologies. She is responsible for product marketing activities within the Asia-Pacific region for the portfolio of solutions under the 3D Manufacturing vertical. Ms. Mayer has a Dipl. Communication Science and more than seven years of experience in digital marketing, product market management and product marketing. In addition to her interest in 3D measurement, imaging and realization technology in general, she is especially interested in how such technologies and solutions contribute to Smart Manufacturing and applications within an industry 4.0 environment.

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