Webinar: Applied GD&T – Inside the Machining World

Date: 13 Nov, 2019

Duration: 50 mins
Webinar: Applied GD&T: Inside the Machining World

In metalworking, 3D measurement and verification technology can significantly contribute to product quality and production efficiency for a variety of manufacturing processes.
Examples for such production processes are material solidification (the most common of which is casting); material forming (which includes bulk deformation like forging, and sheet metal deformation like stamping), material joining (such as welding) or material removal.
This webinar will have a closer look at the example of material removal, which includes different methods, such as the use of cutting tools, laser or water jet cutting. More specifically, it will focus on machining, a material removal process utilizing cutting tools.
Quality related questions that need to be answered in machining cover “Was too much or too little material removed?” or “Was material removed in the wrong place?”
The earlier in process and the closer to the production line or machine these questions can be answered, the better this is for product quality and production times – and thus for productivity.
For this, our webinar will explore how to use the FaroArm both as in-process verification and inspection tool, performing quality checks on machined parts at the shop floor or even on the machine itself.

Who Should Attend: Everyone involved in quality assurance in machining applications and interested in learning how to leverage the FaroArm for verification and inspection of machined parts.

Webinar Topics

  • Explore GD&T callouts like true-position and concentricity, and watch how the measuring arm quickly measures them
  • Learn how to perform fast key-feature checks with a measuring arm while parts are still on the machine, without breaking setup
  • See how software/hardware combinations can take first article inspection to the next level with maximum speed and certified, professional, automatic inspection reports



  • Metal fabrication, machine shops with focus on machining
  • All industries that are challenged with implementing GD&T into their design and manufacturing processes for machined parts


Matthew Wirginis - Webinar SpeakerMatthew Wirginis is an Account Manager at FARO who specializes in implementing the portable Measurement Arms in a variety of manufacturing applications. He has spent 13 years helping manufacturers improve their processes, solve problems and reduce costs. Matthew holds a Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering (BSEE) degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

Will Pitarello - Webinar SpeakerWill Pitarello has been with FARO for 6 years and specializes in technical product demonstrations and training. He has more than 15 years of technical and commercial experience working for technology and biotech companies. Will has a Bachelors degree from Florida International University as well as a degree in Industrial Engineering.

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