Webinar: Digital Industrial Plant – Benefits and Payback for Plant Design, Construction and Operation

Date: 31 May, 2017

Webinar: Digital Industrial Plant – Benefits and Payback for Plant Design, Construction and Operation

Webinar Overview:

This webinar aims to explore the challenges and the benefits of Digital Industrial Plant on the 3D Solutions available to assist and improved deliverable workflow.

Who Should Attend: Project Engineer/Managers, Facility Management, Process Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, 3D Plant Designers, Asset Owner/Operators, Engineering/Construction Firms, etc. who need to work on the plant for the construction and operation.


Webinar Details

Industry Trends

Industrial Plant is one of the most complex industrial infrastructure for the project engineers, owners, and etc. It has a long life cycle that could span over a few decades. They are costly to build and require substantial resources to operate.

Hence, information used for maintenance and operation is critical to success. The challenge we are facing today is in the assets such as pipes, were built before 3D technology was developed. Then, the drawings were constructed on drawing board in 2D format. The process was not only time consuming, it was costly as well.

Throughout the lifespan of the assets, numerous works such as upgrading and revamp were made to maintain the integrity of the structures. However, in the absence of suitable technology, there was no proper recording of the upgrading and maintenance activities. The lack of digital information to track the development of the assets remains a challenge.

As such, discrepancies between the information available on the asset on record and in physical form have been observed.

FARO 3D laser scanning solution enables the conversion of the actual physical asset information into digital or data equivalent; simplifying the process to capture as-built condition of assets. Laser scanning can capture extreme high-resolution 3D data very quickly up to 1 million point/sec without any physical contact. Each of the point/sec scanning data provides X, Y, Z coordinate with intensity value. Data captured in the laser scanner is then transferred to the desktop for designer to process it.

Webinar Topics

  • Trends and Challenges in Digital Industrial Plant
  • Overview of FARO Solutions
  • Streamline the Workflow
  • Benefits of Applying 3D Scanning Solutions
  • Success Stories


  • Industrial Plants that require 3D Laser Scanner Solution on workflow and as-built documentation.


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Webinar Topic: Digital Industrial Plant – Benefits and Payback for Plant Design, Construction and Operation

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