Webinar: Streamline and Optimize Production Processes Through Innovative & Efficient Mobile Inspection

Date: 02 Aug, 2018

Webinar: Streamline and Optimize Production Processes Through Innovative & Efficient Mobile Inspection

With the trend towards Industry 4.0, there is a paradigm shift taking place in the production economy today. A highlight of Industry 4.0 includes the digitization of the manufacturing sector which is resulting in the rise in data volumes, computational power and connectivity. As a result of this, there is also a growing emergence of data analytics and business intelligence capability. New forms of human-machine interaction such as touch interfaces and AR/Augmented Reality systems are also arising out of this. However, it may be difficult to seize these opportunities with current processes and tools. For example, complex CAD (computer-aided design) data has not been readily available to all areas of a company, while moving large amounts of industrial data is always a challenge.
This webinar thus aims to explore such challenges and introduces an innovative solution from FARO to tackle them so that manufacturers can streamline and optimize their production processes.
As a step towards the direction of Industry 4.0, FARO has developed a product that can allow the user to optimize their manufacturing process management with the help of an easy-to-use smart app. With only a tap on a mobile device, data can be seamlessly transferred from the device and put into action and this can provide a convenient and effective way to streamline, control and manage the production process.

Who Should Attend: Development, product and quality engineers or managers in the manufacturing process, in various industries where measurement and inspection solutions are required in their production process.

Webinar Topics

• Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory
• Key Challenges in Manufacturing
• FARO Visual Inspect & Value Proposition
• Industries & Applications
• Application Examples
• Case Studies


Manufacturing industries requiring 3D measurement & inspection solutions


Marcus Chow - Webinar SpeakerMarcus Chow is the Sales Engineer for Factory Metrology in the Asia Pacific Region for FARO. He has been with the company for more than a year and is responsible for delivering product demonstrations via the web to customers in the Asia Pacific Region. This is in support of Account Managers in the region and educates potential customers on the capabilities of the various equipment effectively via an interactive live webcast.

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FARO Visual Inspect

FARO Visual Inspect/Visual Inspect AR

FARO Visual Inspect is a powerful mobile solution to control production processes. It allows for intuitive viewing as well as the use of complex 3D data of parts and assemblies and additional information such as process and workflow details on an iPad. Visual Inspect AR expands the functionality of Visual Inspect and provides innovative Augmented Reality to the base package.


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Webinar Topic: Streamline and Optimize Production Processes Through Innovative & Efficient Mobile Inspection

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