Architecture & Construction

Effective planning is critically important to architects, construction engineers and contractors in any type of construction project. 3D documentation at every stage, from initial design to final inspection, helps avoid costly rework errors.

Architectural practices, construction engineering companies and building contractors have all adopted FARO’s 3D laser scanners for 3D modeling and as-built documentation. Their projects range from simple house construction to inner city renovation and new office construction. From low to high rise, FARO has the right portable 3D solution for you.

Greater BIM Applicability with FARO’s 3D Scanning Technology

Survey and Design: SIPPR Engineering Group Co., Ltd.
Within two short years, SIPPR has deployed FARO’s laser scanners extensively in all phases of its 13 industrial and commercial projects. These include earthwork volume calculation, reverse modeling of factories, testing completed buildings, facade engineering, and calculation of construction materials.

Space Planning Experts Conduct Site Surveys Using the FARO Focus3D – A Professional Laser Scanning Solution to Meet TOZ’s Measurement Challenges

Architecture: TOZ Group
The TOZ team uses the Focus3D to create basic floor plans, and to inspect ceilings and other structures. The accurate results also means that the team no longer need to revisit a site to verify data. TOZ further plans to use the scanner for other purposes such as extracting elevation data and conducting site briefs with the 3D scan data.

FARO Provides Scanning Expertise for Various Perspectives with the FARO Scanner Freestyle3D X

Construction: Besterra Inc.
Despite its compact size, the Freestyle3D X is a top quality 3D scanner with a verifiable accuracy of 1mm. Due to its lightweight carbon fibre body, the Freestyle3D X weighs less than 1kg, making it a highly portable device. With an IP52 rating for dust- and water-protection, it is safe for use even in dusty and humid environments.

FARO Plays a Significant Role in Contributing to Modern Chinese Architecture

Construction: The Third Building Construction Company of China Construction Eighth Engineering Division
CSCEC83 was keen to maintain maximum level of control over construction quality. In order to ensure that all objectives were met, the team decided to adopt a 3D scanning method to compare the data obtained onsite with the building’s blueprint. After a comprehensive analysis of their available choices, CSCEC83 chose to go with the FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D X 330.

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