To ensure the quality of cast iron, aluminium and other metal products, while meeting customer demands on turnaround, it is vital that foundry and metalcasting companies track critical die wear and correct any potential problems before final inspection of metal castings.

With FARO’s portable CMMs, such as laser trackers and measuring arms, you can quickly take measurements and perform dimensional analysis on patterns, molds and dies directly on the foundry floor. The results are shorter product lead times for customers and the completion of entire manufacturing runs with minimal scrap and rework.

FARO Supports the Development of Automated Welding Assembly – Welding Specialist Benefits from Portable & Efficient Measurement Solutions

Mechanical Engineering: Sichuan BMT Welding
The quality of a vehicle hinges on the manufacturing accuracy of the BIW. It also has a direct impact on the performance of the vehicle, whether in terms of the vehicle’s safety, aesthetics, air tightness, or noise performance. For these reasons, it is important to improve the welding accuracy and quality of the automotive body through ensuring the accuracy of the welding assembly fixtures, and the optimization, reduction, and control of positioning errors.

DYMOL Achieves Quick Reverse Engineering of Complex Shapes with a Non-contact Scanner

Metal Working: DYMOL Co., Ltd.
DYMOL was the first company in Ishikawa Prefecture to introduce the FaroArm into its manufacturing process. Prior to that, DYMOL relied on calipers and micrometers to inspect their products. However, demands on the inspection task increased when DYMOL started to work on turbine blades. In order to inspect the airfoil surfaces properly, the team decided to invest in a 3D measurement device.

Saito Addresses Customers’ Urgent Requests with FARO

Mold Making: Saito Mold & Die Factory
Over in Kuwana, Mie, Japan, Saito Die & Mold Factory (Saito) is a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of cast molds and die-cast molds for the automotive industry, in particular for auto parts such as engine cylinder blocks, brake caliper supports, intake manifolds, and steering rack components.

Wakazono Seiki Develops New Business Opportunities with its Enhanced Capabilities through FARO

Mold Making: Wakazono Seiki Co.,Ltd
In its search for the right device, the procurement team was quick to specify the need for laser, non-contact measurement – a capability that was beyond what its current coordinate measuring machine (CMM) could perform.

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