To ensure the quality of cast iron, aluminium and other metal products, while meeting customer demands on turnaround, it is vital that foundry and metalcasting companies track critical die wear and correct any potential problems before final inspection of metal castings.

With FARO’s portable CMMs, such as laser trackers and measuring arms, you can quickly take measurements and perform dimensional analysis on patterns, molds and dies directly on the foundry floor. The results are shorter product lead times for customers and the completion of entire manufacturing runs with minimal scrap and rework.

C-COM Pursues a Reduction in Measurement Times

Metal Fabrication: C-COM
C-COM Co., Ltd is a prototype model development manufacturer with a high degree of technical expertise in sheet-metal fabrication of various metal parts and assembly. Primarily a specialist that develops and manufactures prototype models of automobile products, C-COM handles various components of industrial machinery and railroad as well. Besides that, the company is also involved in designing, fabricating and selling stamping dies, jigs and fixtures.

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