FARO® Freestyle3D Objects Handheld Laser Scanner

Best solution for medium volume scanning

FARO<sup>®</sup> Freestyle<sup>3D</sup> Objects Handheld Laser Scanner

FARO Scanner Freestyle3D Objects Applications

The FARO® Freestyle3D Objects maximizes productivity and simplifies workflows for reverse engineering in product design and public safety forensics.

  • Archiving wood sand casting patterns
  • Reverse engineering fiberglass, roto-molded and structural foam parts and components
  • Document historical artefacts and sculptures
  • Reality capture for movie and game production or products packaging design
  • Measuring Industrial pump castings, wind generation components
  • Capture plastic cases, playground equipment and toys
  • Document accident and crime scenes
  • Measure inside vehicles or small compartments
  • Create as built drawings of critical infrustructure, processing equipment, machine installations and assembly lines

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