FARO® ScanArm

The Ideal Contact/Non-Contact Portable Measurement System.

FARO<sup>®</sup> ScanArm

FARO Quantum Arm with FAROBlu™ or Prizm™ Laser Line Probes

Through simple plug-and-play, users can attach a FAROBlu™ or Prizm™ Laser Line Probe to the FARO Quantum FaroArm®, creating an all-in-one measurement solution: The Quantum ScanArm.

The hard probe and the FAROBlu Laser Line Probe can digitize interchangeably without having to remove either component. Users can digitize simple features with the Arm’s hard probe and seamlessly scan across diverse surface materials regardless of contrast, reflectivity or part complexity without any special coatings or target placement.

The FAROBlu or Prizm Laser Line Probe can be used in conjunction with the FARO 8-Axis Quantum FaroArm, the first – and only – eight-axis portable metrology solution available on the marketplace. The resulting FARO 8-Axis Quantum ScanArm offers a comprehensive, contact/non-contact metrology solution, which allows users to significantly speed up and simplify their measurement and scanning activities. This is due to the limited device movements required to reach the features of interest and the reduced need for relocation of the measuring device to different positions around the object to be measured.

The accuracy specifications for the complete Quantum FaroArm product line with FAROBlu or Prizm are certified according to ISO 10360-8 for non-contact CMMs. FARO is the first portable measurement arm manufacturer to publish its non-contact accuracy specifications according to this standard.



Both the 8-Axis Quantum ScanArm and the Quantum ScanArm provide point cloud capture with rapid speed, superior resolution and high accuracy. They are ideal for inspection and quality control, offering a perfect solution for point cloud comparison with CAD, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, and 3D modeling of free-form surfaces. 

To target specific application needs, FARO offers two different FAROBlu Laser Line Probe options for the entire FaroArm product family:

The Quantum FaroArm combined with the FAROBlu Laser Line Probe HD (High Definition) delivers unparalleled non-contact measurement capabilities by integrating the best laser scanner available in the market, which provides the highest fidelity point cloud data at high speed.

The Quantum FaroArm in combination with the FAROBlu Laser Line Probe SD (Standard Definition) offers an entry-level ScanArm solution featuring the same best-in-class FAROBlu technology at an excellent price/performance ratio.

Both the FAROBlu Laser Line Probe HD and the FAROBlu Laser Line Probe SD leverage an optically-superior blue laser technology, for improved scanning and higher resolution.

The FARO Prizm Laser Line Probe delivers high-resolution, 3D color scanning and allows users to view, inspect and manipulate detail-rich, 3D color point clouds of parts or assemblies. The Quantum combined with the Prizm Laser Line Probe provides the high fidelity required for accurate color point cloud data capture and is ideally suited for inspections where color data and visualization of surface texture are essential for analysis and documentation. Additionally, users can switch to grayscale or monochromatic modes, which provide options for higher scanning rates.

Users can pair any of the three Quantum FaroArm variations with the two FAROBlu Laser Line Probe models or the FARO Prizm Laser Line Probe, as well as select from our eight and seven-axis options. This allows users to tailor their solution to meet their specific contact/non-contact and measurement requirements.

The benefits of the Quantum ScanArm include:

  • Fast Scanning Speed – The extra wide scan stripe and fast frame rate boosts productivity by increasing coverage and reducing scanning time. Combined with the eight-axis rotation of objects in real-time, the scanning process itself is even faster.
  • Scan Challenging Materials – Seamlessly scan across diverse surface materials regardless of contrast, reflectivity or part complexity without any special coatings or target placement.
  • High-Definition Data – Intricate components can be captured in fine detail as a result of the 2,000 actual points per scanline (FAROBlu HD) and the FAROBlu Laser Line Probe featuring noise reduction technology.
  • Color Scanning – RGB information and color point cloud data allow users to document, analyze and manipulate detail rich, 3D color point clouds (FARO Prizm) of a part or assembly on a computer screen. Proper decisions on the production floor can be made based on the availability of information not detectable with existing technologies.
  • High-Speed Wireless Operation – New sophisticated and robust electronic design delivers superior reliability and guarantees optimal wireless operation for scanning and probing, allowing unmatched reach across the manufacturing floor.

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