BuildIT Construction

FARO’s verification construction software for quality assurance and quality control processes

BuildIT Construction

BuildIT Construction 2019 Features

Validation to Design Model -
Ensure that buildings are being constructed to design specifications

• Verify accuracy of as-built scan data to design models
• Perform surface analysis against any modeled object
• Ensure adherence to BIM
— Identify components or assemblies that were constructed
— Detect incorrect placement or missing features such as walls, columns, beams, pipes, etc…

Tolerance Evaluation -
Keep the project on schedule while reducing scrap, time and resources

• Perform important inspections accurately and quickly
— Inspect floor flatness and levelness to the ASTM E1155 standard, with accompanying report and topographic curves
— Calculate tank deformation and volume to determine deviations during installations
— Check walls for plumb and flatness with or without design models
— Calculate cut and fill volumes accurately and effectively with wall detection, debris and rebar removal
— Measure the deformation of constructed objects (i.e. beam camber, wall and floor flatness, cracks and more)
— Calculate the fill volume for tanks from scan data and create reports automatically.

Position and Monitor –
Establish liability documentation, risk mitigation and quality prefabrication

• Conduct 4D Cloud to Cloud comparisons
— Monitor adjacent buildings during construction
— Evaluate site deformation to measure movement or settling over time
• Interface with laser projectors to:
— Project design templates for prefabricated parts and assemblies
— Project equipment placement for factory layout and planning
— Measure flatness and project the results back onto the surface
• Position structural elements and prefabricated parts in real time using laser trackers or total station


• Import scan data from various laser scanner manufacturers and CAD platforms from file types such as: asc, csv, e57, fls, fws, las, laz, lsproj, pts, ref, txt, xyz
• Upon import, data can be registered using SCENE’s registration API. Begin quality control onsite and speed up the inspection process
• Import design files in industry-standard formats: Autodesk® AutoCAD® (dwg and dxf versions 2.5-2018), Revit® (2015-2018), ifc (2×3, 4), sat, iges, Parasolid, Step

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