FARO® Focus Laser Scanners

Laser Scanner Series – Perfect instruments for 3D Documentation and Surveying in AEC, Public Safety – Forensics and Product Design

FARO<sup>®</sup> Focus Laser Scanners

FARO Focus Case Studies

The following testimonials show how companies have successfully implemented FARO’s solutions into their business. Learn about the challenges they faced, the solutions they chose, as well as the return on investment and efficiencies they achieved.


Digitally Mapping a 570m² Site

The time required on-site for capturing all the data for the 570m² of abbey grounds, composed of 260m² of gardens and 310m² of buildings, was only 3 days; the total time spent on the project was only 2.5 months. A total of 400 million data points and 31 scans were generated.

FARO Laser Scanner Used For Historical Preservation of 12th Century Monastery

Heritage: GSS DJA
Since the deterioration meant that the area would be key to solving questions of structural integrity, the English Heritage required accurate provisions of cross sections through the wall as well as an accurate elevation of both sides.

Cutting-edge Technology For Forensic Research

Forensics & Law Enforcement: Forensic Research Institute of the Gendarmerie Nationale France
Finally, for major events such as air crashes or large-scale traffic accidents, geographical information can be integrated with the models of the object under investigation.

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