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Laser Scanner Series – Perfect instruments for 3D Documentation and Surveying in AEC, Public Safety – Forensics and Product Design

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Looking for more information about our laser scanner? Explore the various documents available for the FARO FocusS and FocusM. From the menu below, choose from a variety of educational white papers, technical specifications, case applications and brochures.

  Product Techsheets / Brochures
FARO Focus Laser Scanner - Techsheet
FARO Laser Scanner FocusS & FocusM – Techsheet
  Title Category Upload Date
lock Sumitomo Mitsui Construction uses point cloud data for automatic inspection measurement of cross-sectional dimensions of bridge girders. FARO® Laser Scanner adds efficiency to work execution management. Case Studies 18/10/2019
lock How to ensure that “cheap special effects” are no longer prevalent? Digital point cloud helps you in creating dreams Case Studies 27/09/2019
lock Engineering Surveyor Enhances Service with FARO Laser Scanning Technology Case Studies 19/09/2019
lock 3D Laser Scanner Improves Productivity in New Construction and Renovation Works. Point Cloud Data Utilization Case at Takenaka Corporation Case Studies 13/09/2019
lock Trustworthy FARO 3D Scanning Technology Guarantees Urban Tunnel Monitoring Case Studies 30/08/2019
lock Entering the Next Stage: FARO Enables New Competencies for Traditional Construction Company Case Studies 26/12/2018
lock FARO Provides Marine Surveyors with Accurate Measurements of Tanker Cargo Hold Case Studies 11/12/2018
lock FARO 3D Laser Scanner Optimizes Erosion Inspection of High-Temperature Materials for Metallurgical and Steel Industries Case Studies 04/12/2018
lock Okumura Sekkei ‘Brings’ Entire Worksites Back as Point Cloud Data Case Studies 26/11/2018
lock MAC and Nishimatsu Construction Develop Vehicle-Mounted Scanning System with FARO Focus3D Case Studies 25/11/2018
lock Expanding Capabilities with the FARO Laser Scanner Case Studies 25/09/2018
lock Reducing Costs for Small-sized Semiconductor Factories Case Studies 23/09/2018
lock Modern-day Sherlock Holmes — Where 3D Scanning Technology Meets Forensic Science Case Studies 28/01/2018
lock 3D Documentation of a ‘Vanishing’ Civilization Case Studies 08/01/2018
lock Greater BIM Applicability with FARO’s 3D Scanning Technology Case Studies 13/12/2017
lock Space Planning Experts Conduct Site Surveys Using the FARO Focus3D – A Professional Laser Scanning Solution to Meet TOZ’s Measurement Challenges Case Studies 07/12/2017
lock FARO Focus Laser Scanner – Techsheet Techsheets 05/03/2020
lock Non-destructive Testing of Metro Tunnels with 3D Laser Scanning Case Studies 10/12/2017
lock Five-fold Productivity in Field Surveys, New Possibilities in VR, & Opportunities Overseas – How the FARO Laser Scanner Changed Poporo Plant’s Business Case Studies 07/12/2017
lock FARO Assists in India’s First R&D Project to Modernize Country’s Railway Infrastructure Case Studies 10/12/2017
lock Exploring Endless Possibilities with Virtual Reality Case Studies 10/12/2017
lock Edge 3D Technologies Scans its Way to Success with FARO Case Studies 10/12/2017
lock 3D Laser Scanning: Benefits and Paybacks for Industrial Plant Design, Construction and Operation White Papers 05/12/2017
lock Measuring of GD & T Properties White Papers 05/12/2017
lock Phase Shift Measurement White Papers 05/12/2017
lock SCENE LT 2019.1 Software Downloads 09/02/2020
lock FARO Corporate Brochure Brochures 24/10/2018
lock Tochigi Museum Surveys Cultural Assets & Conserves Buildings with FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D Case Studies 18/12/2017
lock FARO Plays a Significant Role in Contributing to Modern Chinese Architecture Case Studies 18/12/2017
lock FARO Laser Scanner Creates a Wealth of Opportunities for Event Company Case Studies 18/12/2017
lock Laser Scanning Supports State-of-the-art Ancient Tomb Study Case Studies 18/12/2017
lock Makuta Visual Effects Boosts Production Value with FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D Case Studies 18/12/2017
lock A Nagoya Underground Mall Measured by FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D Case Studies 18/12/2017
lock Scientists Build High Precision 3D Model of Gomantong Caves Case Studies 18/12/2017
lock Accurate Matching of Computer-generated Imagery with Live-action Images Case Studies 18/12/2017
lock Hibiya Acquires Accurate Measurements of Harsh Mechanical Rooms Safely and Quickly with FARO Case Studies 18/12/2017
lock Surveying a Silver Mining Tunnels World Heritage Site with a Laser Scanner Case Studies 18/12/2017
lock Challenging a World Record in Golf Putting Case Studies 18/12/2017
lock FARO Enhances Safety and Provides Efficiency for Research Institute Case Studies 18/12/2017
lock JFE Mechanical Meets Wide-Variety of Measurement Needs with FARO Case Studies 18/12/2017
lock FARO Deployed to Support Architecture Education in Rural China Case Studies 18/12/2017
lock Scan Anything From Foods to Factories Explore the Possibilities with 3D Data Processing Case Studies 18/12/2017
lock FARO Helps Preserve a Piece of Chinese Culture Case Studies 18/12/2017
lock Shipping Industry Goes Full Swing in the Installation of Ballast Water Treatment Systems Case Studies 18/12/2017
lock Development of Accuracy Evaluation System for Curved Shell Plates Using Laser Scanners Case Studies 18/12/2017
lock From “Scrap-and-Build” to “Maintain-and-Preserve” Case Studies 17/12/2017
lock Ancient City in Mongolian Grasslands Preserved in Digital Scans Case Studies 17/12/2017
lock Expedition to Niah Caves – Sarawak, Malaysia Case Studies 17/12/2017
lock FARO Laser Scanner captures as-is documentation after disaster event High-fidelity digital archives created for Wenchuan Earthquake Memorial Case Studies 17/12/2017
lock Improve Accuracies and Speed of Capturing On-site Building Structures for Use in Building Information Modeling (BIM) Webinars 03/02/2020
lock Improve Workflow of Construction and Building Modeling with FARO 3D Scanning Solutions Webinars 03/02/2020
lock Proven Workflows for As-built Documentation of Industrial Facilities from 3D Point Clouds Webinars 03/02/2020
lock Cutting-Edge Metrology Technology in Turbine-Powered Application Webinars 03/02/2020
lock Revolutionizing General Survey Applications with 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning Technology Webinars 03/02/2020
lock 3D TLS Challenges in Heritage Documentation Webinars 03/02/2020
lock Emerging Manufacturing Trend – Rapid Prototyping Webinars 03/02/2020
lock Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning Webinars 03/02/2020
lock Basics in Large Scale 3D Laser Scanning Webinars 03/02/2020

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