FARO® Laser Projector

FARO TracerM: 3D Laser Projection System for Efficient, Accurate, Laser-Guided Assembly and Production


FARO® TracerM Software – RayTracerTM

The FARO RayTracer™ Software Suite – containing the RayTracer™ Operator and RayTracer™ Administrator programs operate the TracerM projector. Customers may also choose to use additional software packages that can directly create projection files for the TracerM.

RayTracer™ Administrator

RayTracer™ Administrator organizes and streamlines processes for factory operators. It is intended for use by manufacturing process engineers who prepare laser projection jobs by selecting, organizing, and storing necessary data into one or more RayTracer™ databases. RayTracer™ Administrator is used to set up a RayTracer™ database, manipulate its components, configure jobs and control parameters, edit projection data and reference tool data, create user names and passwords, and more. Its easy-to-use interface allows multiple document handling, copying and pasting, layered tree structure viewing, and other options.

RayTracer™ Operator

RayTracer™ Operator is an intuitive and user-friendly program that enables the projection of 3D templates. It is designed for use in manufacturing environments. Specified user access levels as well as predetermined sequences of operating steps help impose strict production rules on the work process. Projection data and control parameters are stored in a RayTracer™ Database. Personnel running RayTracer™ Operator can retrieve and execute pre-configured jobs from a RayTracer™ database, but cannot change the content.

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