FARO® Zone 2D Software

Accurately create diagrams for crash reports, crime and fire investigations, and pre-incident planning.

FARO<sup>®</sup> Zone 2D Software

FARO® Zone 2D Features and Benefits

Easy to learn and easy to use

Intuitive user interface with a familiar ribbon menu bar and large, easy-to-read buttons

Customizable Features

Change the size of the buttons, change the menu color scheme, create forms and templates,  to suit yourself and save time

Minimal training required to be productive

On-screen tooltips and instructions guide you through how to use each feature

Efficient to use

Complete your diagrams with fewer clicks; keyboard shortcuts and right-click menus put commands and options at your fingertips

Symbols Library

Thousands of predrawn symbols for interior and exterior scenes, crash, crime, and fire investigation, pre-incident planning, symbol search

Snap Tool

Automatically snap to endpoint, midpoint, center point, and perpendicular for easy, precision drawing

Draw Tool

Draw lines, continuous lines, curves, circles, ellipses, rectangles. Multiple ways to draw many objects to easily apply your measurements

Direct Distance entry for fast, accurate drawing from your measurements

Direct Distance entry for fast, accurate drawing from your measurements – just position the mouse and type the measurement

Powerful Editing Tools

Undo, break, offset, trim, extend, group, multi-copy, and more

Bring in satellite maps from Google maps (license included)

1 to 1 scale, georeferenced, tile maps together to make a bigger scene

Extensive text features

Change text angle, font size, color, bold, italics, drop shadow, add arrows, and place bubble labels

Create & Save Templates

Create Templates of intersections or commonly used scenes and share them within a department to dramatically reduce drawing time

Image Editing tool

Image Editing tool to remove vehicles and other unwanted objects from maps and photos

Accurate Dimensions

Accurate Dimensions – linear, angular, radial, and area dimensions; Add markers at defined locations and a scale bar

Draw Roads Power Tool

Pick the closest street or intersection template, easily add or remove lanes, change centerlines, add crosswalks, turn lanes, stop bars.

Draw Stairs Power Tool

Choose the style of stairs (straight, with landing, or spiral), adjust the size and number of stairs to exactly match your scene

Draw Structures Power tool

Easily draw walls to exact measurements, add doors and windows, adjust the size and position of any door or window

Place Bodies Power Tool

Choose from standing/lying, walking, or sitting poses, adjust the angle and detach parts of the body

Draw from total station data

Adjust data format to match how it was captured, automatically connect points with descriptions

Draw from SCENE orthographic projections

Create detailed, accurate diagrams from 2D views of point cloud data

Flexible printing options

Define a scale or fit to the paper, change paper size, orientation, or print a selected portion of a diagram

Layer management feature

Layer Manger to name layers, turn off display and editing of layers, delete layers with no data

Magnification view tool

Magnification view and birds-eye view window for easy navigation of large drawings

Automatic units for dimensions

Choose Automatic Units for dimensions and change all the units with a single click

Open and view Cad Zone and Blitz 2D diagram in FARO Zone 2D

Open 2D diagrams created with other FARO software applications, including CAD Zone and Blitz

Compatibility with CAD Applications

Read and write .dxf and .dwg for compatibility with other CAD applications, like AutoCAD®

Image format support

Save to .jpg, .png, and .tiff format for easy integration into reports

Inbuilt shortcut commands

Two-letter shortcut commands, same as in CAD Zone applications


available in English, Arabic, German, Greek, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean

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