FARO® Zone 3D 2019

FARO® Zone 3D is the first of its kind to enable investigators to move fluidly between 2D and 3D environments and enhance the quality of their incident reconstructions, analysis, pre-incident plans, and courtroom presentations.

FARO<sup>®</sup> Zone 3D 2019

FARO® Zone 3D Features and Benefits

Compelling Presentations, Even in VR

  • Walk through the scene in Virtual Reality and be immersed in a realistic, 360-degree view
  • Create incredible video fly-throughs of any scene to show everything from a high-level overview to the smallest details
  • Upgrade your presentations and training scenarios using shadows, light source, smoke, explosions, and more

Accurate 2D and 3D Diagramming

  • Essential tools for 2D and 3D diagramming with intersections, walls, doors, and stairs
  • Powerful editing commands to trim, extend, move, rotate, copy, and group
  • Visual object grips and Smart Snaps for fast editing and clean diagrams
  • Pose bodies in 3D with complete control to match the scene, even remove body parts

Virtually Any Measurement Source

  • Use aerial maps from Google®, Bing®, or Pictometry® to obtain accurate measurements
  • Bring in manual measurements, data from total stations, and point cloud* data from laser scanners and drones
  • Standard Vehicle Specifications Database provides exact measurements for most vehicles

Easy and Accurate Animations

  • Create realistic Crash animations in seconds by just placing vehicles and showing the path
  • Use accurate, point-based, animation so vehicle positions match exact data points
  • Build realistic animations of human bodies in motion
  • Animate crush, set multiple synch points, adjust camera position, change the playback speed, and adjust the vehicle’s yaw, pitch, or roll
  • Show advanced effects like spinning and locked wheels, trailer articulation, smoke, and fire

Access to 10 Million 3D Models

  • Thousands of pre-drawn 2D and 3D symbols for crash, crime, and fire scenes
  • Industry standard symbols, including those found in NFPA 170, for fire protection and pre-incident plan diagrams
  • Easily import 10 million additional 3D models, from free, online sources

Powerful Analysis Tools

  • Crash reconstruction tools for crush, in-line and 360 momentum, speed from skids, and critical speed yaw
  • Slope calculator and profile report for roads or other contours
  • Bullet trajectory analysis with complete adjustment to the plane of impact and an automated report that shows a view of every trajectory in the scene
  • Blood spatter analysis to estimate area of origin using automatic edge detection of droplets shown on multiple photographs

Get the Most from Point Clouds*

  • Open Point Cloud data from laser scanners directly from FARO SCENE projects or in .pts format**
  • Bring in Point Clouds captured with a drone in .las file format
  • Unique Point Cloud tools offer a highly-realistic display with instant adjustment to point size, brightness, and contrast
  • Get all your measurements from the captured Point Cloud, snap to specific data points to create diagrams and animations, and export chosen points with “virtual surveyor” mode

*Point Cloud features available in FARO Zone 3D Advanced version
**Feature available with SCENE version 6 and higher

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