Learn How to Leverage on 3D Laser Scanning for Your Surveying Tasks to Reduce Operation Time and Increase Productivity in the Construction and Mining Industries

In recent years, 3D laser scanning has been successfully introduced into many fields as it offers an accurate, fast, and reliable technique for Capturing As-Built Reality in the construction & mining industry. The 3D laser scanning has become the standard method to measure, check and extract As-Built information in construction and mining sites.

While the construction industry is often considered to be a slow adopter of new technology, design and construction professionals are challenging themselves to build projects faster and cheaper with the use of technologies or Processes like BIM. Engineering and consulting firms are recognizing the benefits, laser scanning can bring to their clients and operations.

Typical 3D scanning application at the mining and construction sites include Volume Calculations, Blast Planning, Deformation Monitoring, Slope Monitoring, Equipment Health monitoring & Fault Studies with in an Mining Environment, creating 2D Construction Drawings, 3D Models, Floor Flatness to comparing As-Built with the Design Intent.

In mining sites the evaluations of volumes, crest and toe and of several deliverables are easily extracted from the 3D point clouds. A crucial need it is also the use of carthographic large coordinates, the free target registration and the UNION with GNSS and total stations grid data.

3D Laser scanning can answer to all of these needs with our easy-to-use software packages and solutions which help you to reduce time and increase productivity for all of your surveying activities in the mining and construction industries.

Learn the best practices and success stories from the experts in this webinar which will improve the operation time for your surveying tasks tremendously.

Webinar Topics:
• What is 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner 
• What are the typical applications for the Mining and Construction Industry
• Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning Solution vs Traditional TLS 
• How-to Steps by Step Guide from 3D Scanning to Data Output 
• Successful Applications in the Mining Industry
   • GPS and 3D Laser Survey: Benefit of the New Technology 
   • Free Target Registration 
   • Easy Cartographic Coordinates Management 
   • Volume and Cut&Fill Calculation 
   • Breaklines and Isolines Extraction 
• Successful Applications in the Construction Industry
• CAD drawing & Orthopoto Creation: CAD Overlapping
• Change Detection Analysis
• 4D Inspector: Real-Time Building Monitoring 

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