Creating Efficiencies in the Automotive Assembly Plant with Better Measurement Solutions

This webinar aims to familiarize you with the latest 3D metrology technology which can be used to perform various critical measurement tasks within the automotive industry. These applications include non-contact inspection and tactile measurement of assembly tooling, online inspection and root-cause analysis.

Industry Trends

In recent years, the increased stringent tolerant requirements on the manufactured parts for the automotive industry have led manufacturers to leverage on technology to improve their inspection process and also streamlined its workflow to reduce rejection rate and improve production yield. In addition, the product life cycle of a vehicle model is getting shorter and time to market has to be accelerated in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Today, companies have started to recognize the benefits of utilizing portable 3D metrology in the production process to solve most of the measurement problems which the traditional methods are not able to overcome.

The common applications for 3D portable metrology include tactile and non-contact measurement for inspection and tooling processes. These measurement tasks, which are time consuming, laborious and not precise with the traditional method, can be done faster and economically with FARO 3D metrology solutions.

Webinar Topics

  • Plant Design
  • Assembly Line Tooling Installation
  • Checking Fixture Setup and Certification
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Assembly Line Maintenance
  • Online Inspection
  • Replacement of Stationary CMMs
  • Case Studies


  • Automotive

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