Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is fast becoming the leading technology for 3D documentation and measurement of space and structures. Highly versatile and robust, the technology has a multitude of possible applications across several industries, such as:

  • Architecture and civil engineering
  • Process industry and digital factory
  • Inspection and reverse engineering
  • Heritage
  • Forensics and accident scenes

Technological innovations have made it possible to pack vital 3D measurement capabilities into a small, portable device. Paired with a powerful software, the possibilities for 3D documentation and measurement are amazingly extensive.

FARO Focus Laser Scanner — the smallest, lightest and fastest laser scanner in the market — offers you easy high-fidelity 3D documentation. With new sensors and features, 3D scanning is made simpler!

Topics covered for the webinar:
– Laser Scanner System
    – Focus3D
    – Software Packages
– Laser Scanning workflow
– 3D Laser Scanner (3DLS) – Application Possibilities

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