Improve Accuracies and Speed of Capturing On-site Building Structures for Use in Building Information Modeling (BIM)

This webinar aims to familiarize you with the latest 3D Laser Scanning Technology which can be used to perform various critical measurement tasks within the construction industry.

These applications include creation of 2D drawing, Structural Inspections and 3D Building Modeling. Learn how to use 3D Laser Scanning solution as part of the workflow to simplify process and improve productivity.

Industry Trends

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been used for city planning or infrastructure building for decades. Most recently, the applications for leveraging on Building Information Modeling has expanded because of improved scanning technology and expanded software suites for ease of 3D building model creation.

In addition, the heightened awareness of the realizable huge benefits of BIM to companies when used in planning and inspection platforms has continued to drive greater adoption in the construction industry. As a result, BIM implementation has becoming more pervasive in government and private projects.

Laser Scanning in BIM

The first step towards creation of models for use in BIM starts with documenting the existing infrastructures and buildings in the project area. In the past, the capturing of physical is done manually through registration of points with Total Stations or measuring tapes. Thereafter the connection of the points to form a complete building model is created via software. The collection of points on-site had been tedious, inaccurate and time-consuming due to the limitations of the Total stations and other measuring devices.

With the advent of Laser Scanning technology, the Laser Scanner has started to replace Total Stations and traditional measuring devices for capturing of physical structures to translate these point clouds into on-site drawing due to its improved accuracy and speed of scanning. The increased adoption of Laser Scanner has further drove the increased usage of BIM as part of the planning and development processes in the construction industry.

Webinar Topics

  • Trends and Challenges in the Construction Industry
  • Comparisons between Traditional Devices and Laser Scanning Solution
  • Streamlined Workflow from 3D Scan to Deliverables
  • Creation of 2D Drawing
  • Structural Inspections
  • 3D Building Modeling
  • Case Studies


  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Facility Management
  • Heritage
  • Surveying

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