Machinist Achieves Greater Customer Satisfaction Levels with FARO

Machine Tools: Techno Engineers

‘The customer is always right’. Some companies simply hold fast to the adage, while others take a successful approach of incorporating useful customer suggestions to best benefit their businesses. For example, an India-based tooling and machining specialist, Techno Engineers, accepted a few helpful customers’ suggestions that led the company to a positive transformation of its production process and business.

Established in 1985, Techno Engineers is a machine shop that specializes in manufacturing an array of high-quality special purpose machines (SPMs), robotic cells, jigs, fixtures, receiving gauges, welding fixtures, panel checkers, and tooling systems. The company is best known for its products of high functionality, dimensional accuracy, easy installation, low maintenance, rust resistance, and durability.

“We place great importance on quality control, and accurate measurements are required at every stage of the manufacturing process,” said Mr. Davinder Kumar Dhingra, Owner and Director of Techno Engineers. He shared candidly, “It was our customer who introduced us to the portable FaroArm that we now heavily rely on. Prior to that, we had little knowledge of this technology. Through our own research and the demonstration by FARO, we came to realize that it enabled us to be so much more effective.”

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