Mobile Precision Made Easy with Portable 3D Coordinate Technology in Automotive Applications

3D technology has revolutionized our world. Today, we stand at the beginning of an industrial development that is expeditiously gaining speed. This influences production processes in the automotive industry.

Adjustments can be made very quickly and inspected immediately on-site at the production facility with the portable measurement systems, in addition, it is also used to ensure precision and exact fitting during manufacturing of components. Advancement in, and simplification of, technologies such as the articulating Arm, Laser Tracker and Laser Scanner are gradually pushing measurement functions out from the metrology laboratory, onto shop floors and out onto the field.

Learn about the ease and simplicity of FARO integrated solution in improving processes and product quality.

Webinar Topics:
• Metrology Trend in the Smart Automotive Industry
• 3D Portable Coordinate System Based Metrology
• Portable Metrology Solutions for Automotive Applications
   • Research and Development
   • In-line Inspection
   • Heavy Vehicle Frame and Structure
• Benefits of Portable 3D Coordinate Metrology

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