Portable Measurement – Improving Manufacturing Efficiencies

In the manufacturing sector, quality requirements for part production are increasingly higher, with tolerances becoming tighter. This imposes a greater challenge on manufacturers, especially with the measurement of large parts, since these measurements cannot be easily accomplished with conventional fixed CMMs.

Alternative measurement solutions, such as the portable articulated arms and laser trackers, have proven capable in performing measurements of large parts with ease. In addition, these solutions bring about time- and cost-savings, as well as a reduction in scrap wastage.

In this webinar, we will share with you the different applications of portable measurement solutions, and how it can help improve manufacturing efficiencies.

Hear from Mr. Yoganantha Ganesh, Application Engineer at FARO Singapore, as he shares his rich experiences with you.

Topics covered for the webinar:
– Metrology in manufacturing
– Traditional inspection methods
– Portable measurement devices
– Portable measurement applications
– Improving manufacturing efficiency

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