Proven Workflows for As-built Documentation of Industrial Facilities from 3D Point Clouds

In recent years, 3D laser scanning has been successfully introduced into many fields as it offers an accurate, fast, and reliable technique for as-built documentation tasks. In the process and power piping industry, typical applications include the automated extraction of pipe runs, modelling of structural components, or the documentation of floor plans and levels of existing facilities and plants. To derive such information from a point cloud, intelligent modelling is required. Ideally, the modelling is done directly within a CAD system to provide a more user-friendly workflow and to produce deliverables in the same package that is used for planning.

Using various real-world case studies, this webinar will illustrate proven workflows that many users can benefit from. In many cases the work time and cost can be reduced significantly when compared to traditional approaches. The webinar will show the kubit software solutions for processing FARO laser scan data directly inside AutoCAD and Revit. The presented workflows are fast, precise and easy-to-use, which is important for users that are non-experts in the field of laser scanning. This talk is aimed at surveyors, piping engineers and interested managers.

Webinar Topics:
• Principal of 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner 
• Process, Power and Piping (PPP) Industry and Applications 
• Field-to-Finish Integrated Workflow for PPP 
• Deliverables from Laser Scan Data 
   • 3D CAD Models 
   • Tie-in Points 
   • Structural Analysis 
   • Isometrics 
   • Clash Detection 
   • Equipment Analysis 
• Benefits of Using Laser Scanner for PPP 

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