Misalignments can cause machine downtime and significantly decrease machine performance; however, portable CMMs such as laser trackers and measuring arms can help to mitigate these issues.

The FARO® Laser Tracker is ideal for many tasks such as machine tool alignment, roller and press alignment, jig and fixture alignment or CMM alignment. This accurate and fast method reduces downtime, improves quality and generates a proper trend analysis of distortion and other changes in a machine’s operation.

For smaller scale tasks, such as on-machine alignment, portable CMMs, such as the FaroArm® is an ideal solution to complement the laser tracker work.

The Choice for High Cost Performance

Automotive: Yunjia Group Co., Ltd.
Before purchasing FaroArm, Yunding outsourced most of its daily measurement projects to contractors who were already using FaroArm. In consideration of the increase in demands and for cost-saving measurements, Yunding hence decided to purchase its own portable measurement equipment. FaroArm Measurement Arm eventually became Yunding’s ultimate choice, with its remarkable cost performance measurements, and its successful live demonstrations.

Turbine Manufacturer Enjoys Multi-Fold Improvement in Productivity

Energy: Swan Turbine Services Pvt Ltd
When FARO first reached out to suggest an on-site product demonstration, Swan Turbine was interested to find out more. “Once we saw the device in action, there was no doubt in my mind that it would improve our production processes tremendously,” said Mr. Srinivas Gummadi, General Manager of Swan Turbine.

FaroArm Provides Systems Integrator with Quick and Precise Welding

Automotive: MH Robot & Automation Co., Ltd.
Mr. Lan emphasized, “Each of FARO’s products automatically generate test reports. This function simplifies our work greatly when it comes to goods delivery, as it provides data support to our clients when inspecting and accepting the products.

Anusaya Achieves Up To 85% Time Savings with FARO

Automotive: Anusaya Auto Press Parts Private Limited
Anusaya has achieved countless benefits with FARO, such as time savings, reduction in using manual labor, ability to measure different component parts, capturing and storing digital data, and even to using CAD data to replace 2D drawings.

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