Building Information Modeling

With building information modelling (BIM) solutions from FARO quickly becoming an industry standard, it’s no surprise that FARO shapes the way teams work together to communicate, collaborate and solve problems. The result is high quality projects being built more quickly and at a lower cost.

3D laser scanning with the FARO Laser Scanner aids building design at every stage of construction. With this 3D modelling tool you can compare the current 3D building status with the CAD model at any time – a quality control process which eliminates expensive and time-consuming rework.

Greater BIM Applicability with FARO’s 3D Scanning Technology

Survey and Design: SIPPR Engineering Group Co., Ltd.
Within two short years, SIPPR has deployed FARO’s laser scanners extensively in all phases of its 13 industrial and commercial projects. These include earthwork volume calculation, reverse modeling of factories, testing completed buildings, facade engineering, and calculation of construction materials.

Edge 3D Technologies Scans its Way to Success with FARO

Construction: Edge 3D Technologies
“People who have had to struggle with creating 3D models without 3D TLS know the amount of hard work, time, and training that’s needed to complete the seemingly straightforward task,” said Mr. D. Hemanth, Technical Head at Edge 3D Technologies.

Non-destructive Testing of Metro Tunnels with 3D Laser Scanning

Surveying: Shanghai Geotechnical Investigations & Design Institute Co., Ltd.
Furthermore, using the point cloud data and imaging results acquired by the Focus3D X 330, SGIDI was able to build digital representations of any tunnel, to reflect its actual size and texture. This allows metro operators to analyze the current state of their tunnels, and also serves as a powerful tool for ensuring quality control and operational safety.

FARO Provides Scanning Expertise for Various Perspectives with the FARO Scanner Freestyle3D X

Construction: Besterra Inc.
Despite its compact size, the Freestyle3D X is a top quality 3D scanner with a verifiable accuracy of 1mm. Due to its lightweight carbon fibre body, the Freestyle3D X weighs less than 1kg, making it a highly portable device. With an IP52 rating for dust- and water-protection, it is safe for use even in dusty and humid environments.

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