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OG Giken Attains Quality Improvements with FARO

OG Giken Attains Quality Improvements with FARO

Mention the term super-aging society and Japan quickly comes to mind. With more than 24% of its population over 65 years old, and an estimate of that figure rising to more than 40% in the next 40 years, it is no surprise that the country has that reputation. For the average person, the ability to enjoy good health in the silver years is important to the individual. However, if and when long-term care is required, patients should not have to worry about the cleanliness or capabilities of the medical equipment used in healthcare institutions.

A medical supplies company that contributes to the healthcare industry in that manner is OG Giken Co., Ltd. (OG Giken). Based in Okayama, Japan, OG Giken manufactures and sells medical equipment, nursing care equipment, and assistive devices. Using state-of-the-art technologies, the company seeks to create better apparatus that provide more comfort for patients.

Domestically, the Okayama prefecture is known for its active involvement with the technical development of medical and nursing devices, and has government infrastructure that encourages the formation of industrial and medical clusters. In this nurturing environment, companies can focus on creating more products that deliver customer satisfaction, which is especially true for a top vendor like OG Giken.

FARO Edge assesses the shape of a part, solving issues with molding in new products at the initial stages.

FARO Edge assesses the shape of a part, solving issues with molding in new products at the initial stages.

Challenge: Improve Quality of New Products & Evaluate Incoming Parts

The market of special bathing systems and rehabilitation assistive devices that OG Giken operates in is one that is highly specialized and niche. Recovery of costs is a real concern, so the company has managed that by minimizing investment costs spent on resin casting. While this strategy helped with the initial concern, OG Giken was cautious that the products were then designed for manufacturers’ convenience and not the users’ benefit.

Reflecting on this, OG Giken decided to develop a long-term plan that is centered around the customer instead. The company decided to launch a series of appealing, user-friendly products made using the resin casting method, which helped to lower manufacturing costs. However, the team faced a problem with the evaluation of complex, curved surfaces. The existing hand tools (e.g. rulers, calipers) that they had were not sufficient to make those measurements. The team could not assess if prototype parts were built to specification, nor could they see if the products were deformed after a stress test. In addition, they could not conduct inspection on incoming parts that came from suppliers. To tackle these problems, OG Giken decided to invest in a 3D measurement device in 2012.

Released in 2012, the “Giusto” delivers more comfort with its use of resin moldings.

Released in 2012, the “Giusto” delivers more comfort with its use of resin moldings.

After careful evaluation of several measurement devices, as well as the supplier’s installation base and level of customer support, OG Giken selected the FARO Edge ScanArm – a portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that integrates contact and non-contact 3D measurement. A feature that stood out for OG Giken is the Edge’s flexibility to perform both contact measurement (with a ball probe) and non-contact scanning, which is crucial for soft materials (e.g. urethane) that OG Giken often works with.

FARO Edge provides non-contact scanning to evaluate shapes of parts.

FARO Edge provides non-contact scanning to evaluate shapes of parts.

Solution: Precise Feedback

In 2012, OG Giken released several new products and the Edge contributed greatly to solving problems in the initial stages of molding. The device enabled OG Giken to conduct proper investigations and target specific issues accordingly. Prior to using the Edge, the team at OG Giken could only obtain rough measurements of their products, but they were unable to see deformation tendencies or torsion. With the new 3D measurement device, however, the team can identify issues with ease and communicate them clearly. Using the color maps and precise values generated by the accompanying software, OG Giken is able to provide precise feedback to manufacturers. Since problematic areas and its causes are clearly highlighted, issues can be addressed in an accurate and timely manner, resulting in an overall improvement in quality.

Challenge for the Future

OG Giken finds using resin casting in its products ideal because the material shapes well and is comfortable to touch. For this reason, users and industry practitioners from the medical and nursing fields appreciate OG Giken’s products. Mr. Syuichi Take, Unit Chief of the Procurement Quality Improvement Group, Product Control Department, commented, “In the near future, we hope to actively utilize our FARO 3D measurement device for reverse engineering with clay models, and put it to good use in the design and development department. We might also use it to scan the human body or measure human arm movement to come up with even more appealing products to satisfy our customers. Creative, new ideas can be realized if we challenge ourselves to press on.”

As stated in its mission statement, OG Giken aims to bring happiness and smiles to the faces of its users, who wish to lead fuller lives. The company continues to contribute to the medical and nursing industry by consistently supplying high-quality products.

About OG Giken Co., Ltd.

Established in 1949, OG Giken is a manufacturer of medical and rehabilitation equipment. A trusted name in the medical field, the company extended its reach into the nursing care industry. OG Giken continues its endeavors to create an environment that “brings people closer to people”. A specialist in physical therapy and rehabilitation assistive devices, the company develops products for the global market. OG Giken products can be found in showrooms across Japan.

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