FARO 3D User Conference Asia Pacific 2018

Date: 24 May, 2018 - 17 Jul, 2018
Location: China, Japan, Indonesia

Connecting 3D Communities

3d User Conference Asia Pacific 2018

FARO 3D User Conference brings together the region’s 3D documentation communities to assess the capabilities and uncover the potential of 3D terrestrial laser scanning technology and solutions. These conferences feature application trends, and support the 3D terrestrial laser scanning needs of various industries. FARO 3D User Conference acts as a platform for open dialogues and close interactions amongst different sectors, encouraging sharing of ideas and experiences. Let FARO 3D User Conference be the foundation which valuable business relationships are built upon. With active participation from partners and delegates alike, the FARO 3D User Conference will truly be a destination for Connecting 3D Communities!

Conference Venues
广州 - 3d User Conference 2018 Guangzhou

Location: Guangzhou, China

Date: 24 -25 May 2018

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Date: 3 July 2018

3d User Conference 2018 Jakata

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Date: 17 July 2018

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