Webinar: GD&T: Revolutionizing Your Inspection Workflows

Date: 07 Aug, 2019

Duration: 40 mins
Webinar: GD&T: Revolutionizing Your Inspection Workflows

Are your GD&T assurance processes as lean, accurate and efficient as they could be?
Join our industry experts as we dive into the benefits and challenges of implementing best practices in GD&T and other metrology processes. Starting with a crash course in the basics of interpreting tolerances, we then dig deeper and show you how to avoid common pitfalls of GD&T evaluation shortcuts – showing you how to save time and eliminate costly errors!
How to implement GD&T into your design and manufacturing processes
GD&T must be evaluated the RIGHT WAY, to make sense for your specific industry and application. We will show you how the latest software and hardware work together to revolutionize the execution and implementation of GD&T strategies, while driving clarity and QA improvement throughout the entire development and manufacturing process.

Who Should Attend:
Everyone that is involved in quality assurance in manufacturing and interested in:

  • How to improve QA
  • Best practices in GD&T and other metrology processes
  • A crash course in the basics of interpreting tolerances
  • Information on how to avoid common pitfalls of GD&T evaluation shortcuts
  • Learning how to save time and eliminate costly errors by implementing and executing the right GD&T strategies

Webinar Topics

  • Explore practical application of GD&T in manufacturing
  • Learn how to interpret common tolerances
  • See how software/hardware combinations for implementing and executing GD&T generate superior inspection workflows and reporting
  • Learn how to use a laser tracker in large assembly and roll alignment, from measurement to evaluation and even troubleshooting (featuring FARO® BuildIT and VantageS6 with 6Probe)
  • See how to use measurement arm’s and laser line probes to assign and test tolerances (featuring QuantumS FaroArm® with 8-Axis and PRIZM™ LLP)



All industries that are challenged with implementing GD&T into their design and manufacturing processes


Renaud Gaboriault Bédard - Webinar SpeakerRenaud Gaboriault Bédard is an Automation Engineer who specializes in integrating FARO hardware and software with external systems to create fully automated solutions. As a part of the FARO BuildIT & 3D Solutions teams, he has worked to implement customized automated solutions for some of the largest industrial manufacturing clients around the world in the consumer electronics, automotive and aerospace industries.
Renaud holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from l’École Polytechnique de Montréal.

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