In petrochemical production, there is very little room for error. In the production of crude oil and natural gas, oil companies have seen the value in a comprehensive digital documentation of the associated process plant. With an accurate record of as-built conditions they can operate the plant safely and reliably.

FARO offers the energy industry a range of 3D measurement technology solutions, such as the FaroArm®, FARO® Laser Tracker and FARO® Laser Scanner. These not only document as-built conditions but enable operators to quickly and easily inspect, measure and align every part of a gas rig or oil refinery in order to meet the industry’s strict safety and quality standards.

Rohag Singapore Achieves 40% Time-savings on Inspection Checks with FaroArm

Machine Shop: Rohag Singapore Pte. Ltd.
One of the first few advantages that Rohag noticed was the time-savings that it enjoyed almost immediately. Mr. Lee recalled, “An inspection job used to take us around 5 hours to complete, but using the FaroArm, it would only require 3 hours. That’s a 40% improvement!”

Chong Ngai Achieves Higher Efficiency & Faster Inspection with FARO

Petroleum: Chong Ngai Engineering Pte Ltd
“Before any product leaves our facility, it would have gone through several checks, this includes first article inspection, in-process measurement, as well as final outgoing dimensional checks,” said Mr. Francis Fong, Director, Chong Ngai.

Subsea Structure Completes Inspection Checks in 30% Less Time with FARO Solutions

Petroleum: Subsea Structure Pte Ltd
For SUBSEA, its metrology needs include machine alignment and dimensional calculations for quality control, mainly for the components that are fabricated and machined in its facility. The team had all along relied on hand tools such as Inside (ID) and Outside (OD) micrometers for its inspection needs.

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