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Power Generation
Power Generation
Power Generation

In today’s energy industry, plant design, plant construction and plant maintenance have demanding requirements for 3D documentation and modelling.

Whether it’s a wind energy power plant under construction, the layout of an array of solar energy panels or a nuclear power plant for decommissioning, FARO’s portable CMM and imaging devices can inspect large-scale components, verify alignments or create as-built documentation to increase the efficiency of the process.

Use the FaroArm® to reverse engineer a turbine blade, the FARO laser tracker to align a series of hydroelectric turbines or the FARO laser scanner to generate a point cloud of an entire power plant.

Turbine Manufacturer Enjoys Multi-Fold Improvement in Productivity

Energy: Swan Turbine Services Pvt Ltd
When FARO first reached out to suggest an on-site product demonstration, Swan Turbine was interested to find out more. “Once we saw the device in action, there was no doubt in my mind that it would improve our production processes tremendously,” said Mr. Srinivas Gummadi, General Manager of Swan Turbine.

3D Measurement Technology in Power Plant Turbine Construction and Inspection

Energy: Toshiba Power Systems Inspection Services Co., Ltd.
Prior to adopting FARO’s 3D measurement devices, the team at TISC relied on manual hand tools (e.g. vernier calipers, micrometers) to carry out their inspection work. As components of the power-generating turbines were manufactured in a range of sizes, the company eventually decided to adopt 3D measurement technology.

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