FARO® Scanner Freestyle3D Objects

Best solution for medium volume scanning

FARO<sup>®</sup> Scanner Freestyle<sup>3D</sup> Objects

FARO Scanner Freestyle3D Objects Features

Midrange Measurement Volume

A measurement range of 0.3.m – 0.8m allows the fast capturing of small to mid-sized components and products.

High Accuracy

The verifiable accuracy of 0.5mm enables you to capture detailed scan data and carry out challenging measurement applications.

Optional On-Site Calibration

The device can be easily calibrated on-site ensuring high quality data. A PDF report with key data permits maximum and verifiable confidence in the acquired data.

Real-Time Point Cloud Visualization

The real-time point cloud visualization supports the intuitive data acquisition, even for untrained operators.

Powerful meshing tool

With SCENE Process, offering a large scale meshing tool, Freestyle3D Object scan data can get processed and prepared for export into modeling or visualization software.


  • Highest precision and ease of use for capturing of mid-sized objects
  • Auto levelling
  • Flexibility to work without artificial targets
  • No extra power supply required
  • Seamless integration with Focus laser scan data, even in grey scale
  • Worldwide service and support from local FARO facilities

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