FARO’s 3D Documentation Software for Terrestrial and Handheld Laser Scanners.

FARO<sup>®</sup> SCENE 2019

FARO® SCENE Downloads

Looking for more information about FARO SCENE? Explore the resources available below including the free trial version of the software.


FARO SCENE: Free Software Trial

To download a free, fully functional 30-day trial version of SCENE software:



SCENE Capture provides everything you need to record your scans. It is designed to run on a tablet computer and is pre-installed on the tablet computer included in the FARO Scanner Freestyle3D kit.



SCENE LT is a free viewer that enables the professional user to view existing FARO scans and workspaces.
It is able to import CAD models in VRML format in order to compare them with the scan points. SCENE LT now provides the new intuitive SCENE user interface, too.

  Title Category Upload Date
lock FARO SCENE 2019 – Techsheet Techsheets 09/07/2019
lock SCENE LT 2019.1 Software Downloads 17/07/2019
lock SCENE Capture 2019.1 Software Downloads 09/07/2019
lock SCENE 2019.1 – 30 Day Trial Software Downloads 09/07/2019

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