FARO® CAM2® 2018

The World’s Smartest 3D Measurement Platform.

FARO<sup>®</sup> CAM2<sup>®</sup> 2018

CAM2 2018 Metrology Software

Integrated Experience, Intuitive Workflow and Insightful Reporting

FARO CAM2 2018 is the world’s smartest 3D measurement platform and the only metrology software in the market that delivers on the strategic goals to always offer the best integrated FARO hardware experience, intuitive workflow and insightful reporting. CAM2 continues to redefine metrology software to ensure that any user can quickly and easily accomplish their measurement tasks and capture actionable business data through the intuitive user interface and image-guided, automated measurement workflows.

CAM2 delivers the perfect alignment between your FARO hardware and FARO software to gather measurement data anywhere in your environment. CAM2 provides a seamless and manageable measurement experience for all users, without the need for extensive training or expertise, along with accurate and comprehensive insight into your measurement results.

The CAM2 platform’s focus on faster, easier and better immediately translates into less time and resources, as well as, lower costs for your business.

Version Comparison

  Probing Full
Capabilities Comparison
Operate with contact devices X X
Operate with non-contact devices   X
Device relocation X X
CAD import X X
Constructions and dimensions X X
Coordinate systems X X
Alignments X X
Point cloud editing   X
Point cloud analysis   X
Report generation X X
Repeat Part Management (RPM)   X
Hardware Compatibility Comparison
FaroArm® X X
FARO Laser Line Probe   X
FARO Laser Tracker X X
FARO Super 6DoF TrackArm X X
FARO Cobalt Array Imager   X

FARO Inside - Integrated Measurement Solutions

Only CAM2 is uniquely optimized to support the FARO portfolio of metrology solutions. Regardless of your choice of FARO hardware or whether you are using it for tactile measurement or non-contact 3D scanning applications, CAM2 is the only software that can ensure maximum feature integration with your FARO solution. With FARO CAM2, you can combine the world’s smartest metrology platform with the right FARO metrology device and always have the dependability of best-in-class service and a single source of support for your FARO solutions.

Guided Workflows - Simple and Easy Measurement

With CAM2 you do not need to be a highly skilled or seasoned metrologist as the software allows any user to simply and easily step through almost any measurement inspection routine. CAM2 is the only metrology platform that includes “RPM” – Repeat Part Management. With RPM, a user can upload a CAM2 2018 QuickTool to perform a fully-guided inspection routine via RPM Control Station, enabling the inspection process to be executed by anyone, anywhere across your factory floor. The RPM Control Station helps ensure consistency in your inspections, regardless of who conducts them, and makes it easier to increase your inline inspections.

RPM Control Center - Analyze and Correct

CAM2 features the “RPM Control Center” which delivers real-time information from a web-based dashboard that can be utilized for actionable manufacturing insight. CAM2 helps manufacturers continuously improve their processes by providing them ongoing knowledge as to what is working or not working as well as trend analysis. RPM Control Center users can quickly generate at-a-glance perspectives of their inspection and quality routines and quickly identify areas or issues within their production environment that may need attention.

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