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FARO<sup>®</sup> Quantum FaroArm<sup>®</sup> & ScanArm Series

FaroArm® Case Studies

The following testimonials show how companies have successfully implemented FARO’s solutions into their business. Learn about the challenges they faced, the solutions they chose, as well as the return on investment and efficiencies they achieved.

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Bertrem Valve Achieves Seamless Fluid Flow with the Help of the FaroArm

Machine Tool Manufacturing: Bertrem Valves
Since Bertrem’s valves control the flow of fluids, it is imperative that the bolt patterns in each valve bonnet are correctly aligned and sealed in the finished assembly.

Eureka Effect Boosts Efficiency

Automotive: HEGGEMANN
HEGGEMANN autosport GmbH relied on FARO from the start. With full order books, the company discovered a more efficient production organisation, thanks to additional portable FARO measuring systems.This has paid off.

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